The online gambling industry now has a new online service for verifying player identity and meeting mobile location compliance requirements, thanks to a collaboration between GambleID and Locaid, the one of the world's largest Location‐as‐a‐Service (LaaS) company.

As a rule, the gaming industry must verify all player identities, which can sometimes mean submitting extremely sensitive information-including Drivers' Licenses, Social Security Numbers, and in some cases even Birth Certificates to be presented by online players. Largely, this identity verification process proves cumbersome for the customer as well as difficult for the merchant to accurately maintain and service.

The GambleID service provides accurate, real‐time Identity Authentication services on customers for the merchants in the online poker and casino industry that facilitates the mandatory state regulations for customer accounts. By using the merchant provided customer information, GambleID can rapidly validate and provide value & risk assessments that meet and exceed the state regulated verification standards. GambleID utilizes advanced KBA (Knowledge Based Authentication), secure integration with the deepest customer databases, and proprietary consumer libraries to accurately detect and ensure that the customer signing up is the customer sitting in front of the computer at that time.

"Mobile is headed for the online gaming industry at warp speed. In the U.S., just one game, real‐money internet poker, could generate $10 billion in annual revenues on mobile devices. But only if the states allow it," said Rip Gerber, CEO of Locaid. "The only way regulators can allow real‐money wagering on smartphones is when the physical location of the device is verified as within state lines. Network location from Locaid is the only non‐spoofable, authenticated location source that leading gaming platforms like GambleID use to capture the incredible opportunity created by the interception of mobile, social and gaming."

"With the addition of Locaid's unspoofable, carrier‐grade location services, the state regulated layer of location validation is provided," said GambleID president JD Garner. "Now, when online poker and casino merchants need to assure their state compliance for customer account verification they only need to access one service through the secure GambleID solution. With the geo‐location verification information authenticated and the customer account validated, the merchant now has full confidence that they have everything that they need to be in compliance."

As part of GambleID's real‐time identity authentication, customers are also thoroughly vetted against known national, state, and casino registered blacklists, preventing potential stolen identities, identity theft, and other such fraud.