AHI is seeking Expressions of Interest (EOI) from reputable organizations to outfit, operate and maintain, either individually or collectively, an entertainment complex annexed to the Marriott Hotel, Georgetown, Guyana. The Entertainment Complex, which will be located on the western portion of the hotel site at Block Alpha, Kingston, Georgetown overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Demerara River, is expected to comprise of three components which are:  

• A specialty restaurant of 777 sq. meters;
• A nightclub with 595 sq. meters;
• A casino with 1,372 sq. meters.

These three components will share a main common entrance, staircase, lobby area and main mechanical room with segregated internal access and utilities to be installed and maintained by the selected Operator.  Prior to the execution of agreements, all AHI selected operators must be approved by both Marriott International and Republic Bank Ltd. as part of AHI’s agreements.  

AHI is interested to receive EOIs from either persons or companies, either individually or as part of a joint venture/consortium. Preference will be given to submissions by companies who are established in the field of desired interest.

AHI is looking for Operators who have already established themselves as a brand, regionally or internationally and can demonstrate extensive knowledge of their particular field/operations and local laws and regulation. Operators, who desire to operate either one or more of the components above, will be assessed based on different criteria depending on the component of interest in the submitted EOI.  Generally, AHI is looking for Operators who share a common desire to promote and encourage development, with innovative and fresh concepts, in the tourism and hospitality sector. Irrespective of the component of interest, all submissions will also be examined generally for the following areas:
• Managerial and human resource capacity and plan of the interested persons to run the desired component(s) of the entertainment complex;  
• Financial capability and commitment/credibility of the interested persons to independently complete the outfitting and conduct the operations of the desired component(s) with commencement being timed to the opening of the hotel operations;
• Ability to comply and/or improve all the operational requirements of local law and operational standards consistent with a first-class international hotel and entertainment complex including inter-alia the provisions of a comprehensive staff training and management development programme to safeguard employment and standards.

Interested persons desirous of submitting an EOI must register with AHI and pay a registration fee of GY$10,000 (equivalent to USD$50). Upon registration, the following will be provided:
• A Confidentiality Undertaking to be executed and returned to AHI on registration; • A Letter of Authority to visit the hotel site;
• An Information Memorandum containing all pertinent information to the entertainment complex and the intended structure of the relationship with AHI;
• A Request for Proposals which shall also include the guidelines for the submission of the EOI (RFP Document);
• Copy of Advertisement.

As an indicator, EOIs submitted must contain:
• A Conceptual Design Proposal (including interior design concepts in Powerpoint and/or visual presentation) for the outfitting and operation of the desired component (s);
• Proof of financial capability including but not limited to, in the case of a company, the last two years of audited financial statements of the company or each member of the consortium. In the case of a person, a bank reference on financial capability and/or financing;
• Background information of the interested person or company or participants of the joint venture/consortium including identifying the structure of relationships and providing proof of incorporation etc.;
• A five (5) year Business Plan including employment, training and financing considerations and all (if any) assumptions of the interested person.

All interested persons should read the RFP document in detail to ensure that ALL requirements are complied with.

The deadline for the submission of EOIs is APRIL 12, 2013, at 2:00pm. All EOIs should be placed in a sealed envelope and titled (“EOI for the operation of an entertainment complex”) addressed to and deposited at:

Atlantic Hotel Inc.
126 Barrack Street, Kingston
Tel. 592-225-6339
Fax: 592-226-6426 Email:  atlantichotelinc@gmail.com

For additional information, please write to the contact information above.

Atlantic Hotel Inc. is under no obligation to accept any or all of EOIs received.