Lincoln, Calif.-based Thunder Valley Casino Resort has upgraded its entire slot floor with MEI CASHFLOW SC note acceptors and EASITRAX Soft Count. The upgrade across the 2,700 machine- floor, which took place late last year, took less than two weeks to complete.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort management decided to invest in MEI products after a Value-added Trial (VAT) again proved the importance of high acceptance rate, fewer note jams, better security and overall cost of operation to profitability.  

“MEI products seemed like a natural choice for their excellent performance and reliability,” James Lancaster, slot technical manager at Thunder Valley Casino Resort, said in a prepared statement. “Conducting a trial allowed us to test the reputation that the MEI product had before making the investment-and the MEI products proved their worth from day one. CASHFLOW SC and EASITRAX Soft Count ran without issue throughout the trial and continue to run without issue today.”

CASHFLOW SC has redefined the role of note acceptors in operator profitability and customer satisfaction on the way to achieving a global installed base of more than 1.3 million units, according to a company press release.  The addition of EASITRAX Soft Count provides operators with a platform for better cash management by networking the slot floor to the soft count room. 

The EASITRAX system, which can be easily retrofitted to existing SC products, is a software/hardware solution that gathers data from multiple note acceptors and funnels the information into a secure database that can be accessed from a single remote location.  EASITRAX has proven to deliver a return on investment in less than one year by reducing 20-30 seconds per cash drop and improving maintenance practices through access to eight pre-programmed reports.

“Thunder Valley’s experience represents the kind of value that MEI takes tremendous pride in generating for our customers,” said Eric Fisher, MEI senior vice president-Americas.  “We are confident CASHFLOW SC and EASITRAX Soft Count will continue to demonstrate industry-leading results that will positively impact their bottom line.”