SHFL Entertainment, the new name for the company formerly known as Shuffle Master, will highlight the theme “A Better Game” during this week’s Global Gaming Expo.

"With over 50 products on display, our G2E lineup will demonstrate why Shuffle Master is not only a driving force in gaming technology and innovation, but also how our diverse product mix sets us apart as a supplier and a partner to our customers," said Gavin Isaacs, CEO of SHFL Entertainment. "With new innovation on display in each of our five product categories, this year's show will underscore Shuffle Master's consistent focus on developing cutting‐edge solutions and fresh content, which, in turn, leads to 'A Better Game' for our customers and for their players."

The company’s new innovations for the table games side of its business includes:

•The DeckMate 2, which offers significant performance and security improvements over its predecessor, the DeckMate. Debuting in 2002, the DeckMate poker shuffler has been a staple in the poker market and one of the best‐selling shufflers of all time. At 22 seconds, the DeckMate 2's shuffle time is twice as fast as the original and it features optical card recognition, which increases game security and integrity. A new shuffling method reduces wear on cards and minimizes the need for frequent shuffler maintenance. Other exciting features include an on‐board timer, which allows operators to call the "clock", and a remote touchscreen display with an intuitive user interface for card verification.

• Other table utility offerings highlighted at the show include the MD3 baccarat and blackjack shuffler, which can count and shuffle up to eight decks of cards simultaneously; the one2six multi‐deck continuous shuffler; the i‐Deal shuffler for single‐deck specialty games; the i‐Shoe Auto optical card‐reading shoe for baccarat and blackjack; the new 24‐inch double‐sided LCD i‐Score baccarat viewer; and the Easy Chipper D chip sorter.

•Eight new specialty table games at the show, including:

House Money, best described as an ordinary blackjack side bet with an extraordinary twist, is expected to be a major highlight of the booth. To win the side bet, the player's first two cards must be a straight, pair, straight flush, or Ace‐King suited, but the winning doesn't necessarily stop there. The player may opt to add all or part of their side bet winnings to their standard blackjack wager and play continues like a traditional game of blackjack. The main appeal of House Money is that players receive such a unique level of control over their side bet and operators receive the benefit of a higher blackjack hold.

Raise It Up Stud Poker, a six‐card poker game where the player's three cards are combined with three community cards to make a five‐card poker hand. The game is comparable to Ultimate Texas Hold'em, except the player is betting against a pay table instead of a dealer and can win with a pair of 10s or better.

Free Bet Blackjackbegins like a regular game of blackjack, but offers players the ability to double down and split for free. Players may split any pairs, except 4s and 10‐value cards with free re‐splitting. Free double bets may be placed on any hard 9, 10, or 11 and are allowed even after splitting. This game will be featured with a Push 22 side bet, which wins if the dealer busts with a point total of 22.

Featuring heads up play against the dealer, an optional Trips bonus bet, and a progressive bet,Face Up Stud Pokeris sure to impress at this year's show. The player and dealer each get seven cards to make a five‐card hand, but the player gets to see the dealer's entire hand before deciding whether to play or fold. A stronger dealer's hand leads to a higher payout if the player beats the dealer.

6 Card Fortune Pai Gow Pokeris a variation of the popular seven‐card game. Both dealer and player receive six cards to make a five‐card high hand and one‐card low hand. The player wins if both of their hands beat the dealer's two hands.

Three Card Mulliganis a variation of the most popular specialty table game in the world, Three Card Poker. The player and dealer each receive three cards and, if the player doesn't like their hand, they may replace it, while the dealer will automatically re‐draw their own hand if it's below a certain rank.

• Also debuting at G2E is Game Manager 2, a new progressive management system. The enhancements in this next‐generation software are a network‐based system that allows for multi‐level jackpots and fully configurable multiple reserve pools. Players are able to compete for multiple real‐time incrementing meters with just one wager on all of the company's poker‐derivative specialty games like Three Card Poker, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, and Ultimate Texas Hold'em. Previously, players would only be eligible for one real‐time incrementing jackpot per round.

• SHFL Entertainment will be unveiling the most robust e‐Table offerings in its history at G2E, including a myriad of new features for the Rapid line, which combines a live dealer with a touchscreen betting interface, resulting in superior game security and increased productivity for casino operators. Rapid Multi Game includes a multigame feature for optimal flexibility, allowing players to switch between baccarat, roulette, or sic bo without ever having to leave their seats.

Building upon the innovation of Rapid Multi Game,Rapid Fusiontakes it a step further, allowing for concurrent play of four games at the same time (e.g. two baccarat, one sic bo, one roulette or three roulette, one baccarat). The user‐friendly interface features tabs, which show table status, countdown, wagers, and results from each game and allow for fast switching between games.

Vegas Star Live Rouletteprovides all the efficiencies of a fully electronic table with the added benefit of a live electronic wheel and ball. The compact design can accommodate multiple player terminals with flexible and configurable bet limits.

Like Rapid Multi Game,Vegas StarMulti Gameallows players to select between four games without ever having to leave their seats. Players can select between roulette, sic bo, baccarat and craps on a fully electronic table with virtual dealers.

• Further enhancing the Vegas Star and Rapid platforms, the company will introduce its new 22‐inch Widescreen display, which adds five inches to the original terminal displays. Widescreen enables greater player interaction and provides for a powerful and compelling user interface.

• In addition to highlighting the i‐Table Roulette at the show, Mississippi Stud will expand the i‐Table library and feature the successful 3 Card Bonus side bet. i‐Table Ultimate Texas Hold'em will see the addition of a progressive wager, which will allow connectivity to existing felt table progressive jackpots. Additional language options will now be available on the i‐Table.

For more information, visitwww.shfl.comor drop by booth #1241 at G2E.