The Atlantic City Alliance (ACA) unveiled a new five‐year program designed as part of the Atlantic City Master Plan to drive tourism through interactive public art displays.

Internationally renowned Moment Factory and international curator Lance Fung have teamed up with the ACA to create a new generation of Atlantic City spectaculars, which are reminiscent of Atlantic City's long tradition of unique destination experiences.

Major urban centers around the world have seen the positive impact that collaborative public art projects can have on the community by creating beauty and conversation where there may be only blight or empty space. Art is a proven draw for visitors. Both the Moment Factory show and the Lance Fung installations will expand the experience a visitor has in Atlantic City.

Each free public display will be engaging and thought provoking.

The ACA-in close collaboration with the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA), the City of Atlantic City, other local officials and other partner-aims to provide locals and visitors with a new way of viewing Atlantic City by temporarily transforming spaces around the famed city's boardwalk into accessible works of art and play. Each project will serve as a cultural point of interest for Atlantic City visitors, inviting them to participate, linger and experience the boardwalk in a totally new way.

“While the world's great museums showcase art for appreciation as well as scholarship, moving art outside to the blank canvas of the sky, the ocean and the historic Boardwalk here in Atlantic City can be a catalyst to evolve how people think about our city,” said Liza Cartmell, president of the Atlantic City Alliance, in a prepared statement. “Atlantic City has long been known as a place that pushes the limits to showcase the new and the unique and this is just one more example consistent with its history of innovation.”

This effort is part of the ACA's larger marketing campaign, “Do Anything, Do Everything,” which aims to increase visitation to Atlantic City. The projects will improve the overall physical landscape, animate empty lots, engage locals and provide visitors with a new, free and interactive experience as envisioned in the Master Plan published by the CRDA earlier this year. The master plan calls for activation of the Boardwalk and key areas-particularly Pacific and Atlantic Avenues and the feeder streets to and from the Boardwalk-as a way to create walk‐ability throughout the Tourism District.