Societe des loteries video du Quebec, a subsidiary of Loto-Quebec, announced International Game Technology (IGT) will provide 7,200 replacement video lottery terminals for the province’s gaming outlets.

"We are excited about Loto-Quebec's decision to award IGT this valuable business," said Eric Tom, chief operating officer for IGT. "Our commitment to our customers to build the best games and platforms in the industry is being recognized by our partners in Canada and the rest of the world."

This announcement comes after Loto-Quebec received government approval in December 2009 to proceed with replacing its VLTs to update machines currently in use. The replacement process is expected to start in 2012.

IGT will supply SLVQ with its new GL20 terminal which is specifically designed for VLT markets. The GL20 accommodates either a flat screen LCD display or MLD technology to facilitate 3D games. Based on IGT's AVP technology, the GL20 can be configured with a variety of peripheral options to offer video lottery jurisdictions maximum flexibility.