International Game Technology (IGT) and Holland Casino have signed a letter of intent that will allow the Netherlands-based operator to use IGT’s systems solutions to complete the modernization and integration of casino management tools across all company properties, an ongoing endeavor Holland Casino has dubbed the MOSAIC project.

The letter of intent, which was signed by IGT CEO Patti Hart and Holland Casino CEO Dick Flink, last week at the Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas, is subject to the parties’ completion of a definitive agreement.

“IGT is incredibly proud to work with Holland Casino on this MOSAIC project,” Hart said. “This initiative is a testament to IGT’s unwavering customer commitment. By offering a streamlined, integrated, innovative systems solution, IGT will help provide a cutting-edge player experience.”

The goal of the project is for IGT to provide Holland Casino with an integrated membership and loyalty system enabling customers to enjoy fast, reliable rewards and coinless gaming. In addition, the implementation would seek to optimize operational processes and provide exceptional customer service, while incorporating exceptional responsible gaming practices throughout the entire solution.

“Holland Casino wants to provide a superior guest experience now and in the future,” Flink said. “To achieve this you need more than just a good working system; you need a strategic partner to co-create those delightful moments.”

Holland casino currently operates 14 gaming properties in The Netherlands that attract 5.5 million guest visits each year.