Florida-based Seminole Hard Rock Gaming has employed SAS Enterprise Miner to identify what its casino customers enjoy, determine most popular games, forecast gaming behavior, and increase customer loyalty.

Analytic insights derived from Enterprise Miner are helping Seminole Hard Rock Gaming match patrons’ increasingly selective spending habits with targeted offers-demonstrating that they understand what customers’ value. To ensure that offers strike just the right financial balance to drive profits, marketers base campaigns on patron worth, both today and in the future. This change alone generated outstanding lift for conversion rates and return on investment, according to SAS literature.

Recently, SAS Analytics helped Seminole Hard Rock Gaming understand how customers use slots. Analysis was complex, with 10,000 slot machines and trillions of combinations played by millions of customers-many choosing multiple machines. Analysis using SAS Enterprise Miner revealed machine clusters based on customer play behavior. Similarities in behavior within those clusters help the gaming-industry leader create extremely effective marketing initiatives.

“SAS helps us build sophisticated models and segment customers so we can deliver more meaningful offers,” said Dr. Ralph Thomas, vice president of strategic analytics and database marketing at Seminole Hard Rock Gaming. “The easy-to-use Rapid Predictive Modeler in SAS Enterprise Miner makes our lives much easier. We’ve always focused our data mining on big-dollar problems, and now our productivity has soared. We generate predictive models in a fraction of the time it took before. We get tremendous analytical power for very little effort. SAS has paid for itself many times over.”