Glendale, Calif.-based FutureLogic has introduced the PromoNet Solution v2.0, a major new release of its PromoNet Intelligent Promotional Couponing Solution that offers mobile and ‘networkless’ issuance and redemption to operators.

The PromoNet Solution v2.0 also introduces PromoNet Player Rewards, a key add on module that allows large or small operators to connect promotional couponing to their player tracking system, thus enabling them to differentiate between and market to both carded and non-carded players in real-time.

The PromoNet Solution v2.0 is equipped with full functionality and support for running promotional campaigns with or without a network. In its standalone configuration, the PromoNet Solution makes it possible for individual games or banks of slots to be easily updated with a USB flash drive. Additionally, a new mobile feature allows operators to issue and redeem coupons from the convenience of a tablet or smart phone.

These and other enhancements make it fast and easy for small-size operations, or an area in a large operation, to test and run new campaigns, such as VIP and community reward programs, according to company literature.

As an essential add-on, the new PromoNet Player Rewards module provides operators with the ability to link the PromoNet Solution software to a casino’s player tracking system, slot accounting system, and player card readers. “This additional module enables enhancement of their existing player rewards programs for carded players and to incentivize anonymous and new players to continue to play, join the Player Club, or make a return visit,” explained Nick Micalizzi, vice president of sales and marketing North America. “With access to the player’s historical data-as well as 12 real time play metrics from the game such as amount wagered, number of games played, time on device and max bet percentage-operators can create real-time, targeted promotions based on specific play behavior, thus linking the value of the promotion to the value of the player’s game session.”