KICTeam has released two new cleaning cards for thermal printers

KICTeam has released two new cleaning cards designed to remove paper flash, dirt, oils, adhesive buildup and other contaminates that will cause thermal printer receipts or labels to appear faded and illegible. The new 2-inch and 3-inch cleaning cards using the patented Waffletechnology are an easy, cost effective way to remove burnt on materials from the print head. These products will help maintain the clarity of the printed receipt or label while, in many cases, prolonging the life of the thermal printer.

“We produce Waffletechnology products for some of the largest thermal printer manufacturers in the world, such as Bixolon, TransAct Technologies, VidTroniX and Seiko Instruments just to name a few. It became apparent that we needed to round out our product offering by adding two new sizes for a more comprehensive product line,” said Jimmy Timmins, marketing communications, KICTeam. “The new 2-inch and 3-inch wide cleaning cards will cover a number of printers in the marketplace that print on a range of similar sized media.”

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