Cannery Casino installsBonusBox, a systems that displays and dispenses physical prizes at the slot.

The BonusBox concept from Gaming Support showcases tangible prizes at the slot machine

Las Vegas-based Cannery Casino has agreed to install theBonusBox systemfrom Gaming Support USA.

BonusBox displays and dispenses physical prizes right at the game, allowing casinos to stock each BonusBox with cash, tickets, iPhones or any other physical product patrons want to play for and win. BonusBox gives casinos the freedom to vary competition and bonus jackpot prizes to keep patrons entertained. This increased entertainment helps build the level of mystery and suspense customers feel in order to keep floors buzzing. BonusBox supports property brand and promotions and has fully customizable audio, lighting and background insert for enhanced game play.

Cannery Casino chose BonusBox to help increase excitement on its slot floor, and to provide players another way to win. At Cannery Casino, each BonusBox is filled with four $100 bills, offering players the chance to win real paper money again. As casinos are increasingly cashless, BonusBox brings tangible prizes back to the gaming floor by placing desirable prizes at eye level with the aim to convert voyeurs into players.

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