The revolutionary JetScan iFX i100/i200 desktop scanners can help achieve faster currency processing and lower operating costs.

Save time and money by processing tickets, cash and all on one device

Looking to cut costs and improve operations by processing tickets, cash and checks all on the same device? Then take a look at the Cummins Allison JetScan iFX i100 and i200 desktop scanners. The JetScan iFX scanner is the only product family that can handle tickets, cash and checks on the same device, improving efficiency and productivity. You can even process mixed tickets and cash in one pass while reading and imaging tickets.

Leading features include:

• 1,200 mixed tickets and bills per minute-85 percent faster ticket imaging minimizes time spent on ticket management.

• 1,600 mixed bills per minute-40 percent faster currency processing improves customer satisfaction and keeps kiosks full.

• 41 percent smaller footprint-capture and image tickets at the point of presentment and eliminate the need to pass tickets to another department for imaging, storage or destruction. 400 checks per minute-image checks and other deposit related items 222 percent faster than any other check scanner; process checks quickly and deposit electronically for faster fund availability.

One device handles tickets, currency and checks-streamline operations; simplify employee training and get the job done faster.

Casinos everywhere are looking for ways to cut costs, and JetScan iFX is up to the task.  Designed with casinos in mind, properties are saving time and money by improving operations.

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