Bingo players can go totally paperless and play up to 264 bingo cards at one time

Bingo is what started it all at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino back in 1984, when The Bingo Palace was the very first bingo hall on an Indian reservation in California. Now, players inside the Fantasy Springs Bingo Palace in Indio, Calif., are the first in the nation to be able to use 240 portable FortuNet units.

In a casing similar to a 10-inch portable computer, bingo players can go totally paperless and take their bingo unit with them to the snack bar, go for an adult beverage, and play up to 264 bingo cards at one time.

The portable units also feature a display screen twice the size of competing brands on the market, making viewing electronic bingo cards much easier on the eyes. The bingo numbers on the portable unit are selected at random for each game. For players who enjoy the feel of marking their bingo numbers by hand, they may still play games on paper, either independently or in addition to playing on the electronic portable units. The Bingo Palace also has 80 fixed-base electronic bingo stations for which guests may place reservations up to one day in advance.

Seen as a traditional casino game, advancements in bingo technology help to ensure it continues to appeal to new audiences. Many long-time bingo players say they embrace the new features to their beloved game.

Also new in the Fantasy Springs Bingo Palace is a state of the art electronic ball selector. Studies have shown oils from a bingo caller’s fingers can stick to the bingo balls over long periods of time, affecting their weight, their movement within the blower and which ones may get blown to the surface. With the electronic ball selector, no one ever touches the bingo balls. The bingo facility will also soon be using bingo cards with bar codes. This way, the cards are associated with guests Fantasy Rewards cards and they accumulate valuable points discounts off their Bingo buy-ins.