With its award-winning Cargo system, Meta Games Universal Ltd (MetaGU) has already proven it is possible to develop high quality casino games without computer programming skills. MetaGU now brings those advantages to the Flash based on-line casino and instant-play markets with the launch of its CargoF Flash Casino and Instant-Play game generator, including “deep rebranding" facilities.

The online casino and instant-play market is plagued with identical-looking games; often to the point where a player could forget which operator's Web site he's currently on. Developing good custom content has been a slow and expensive process, but has been the only way for operators to own and control the content they display to the player. Now with CargoF operators can take control and give players a unique experience.

CargoF provides the ability to do take an existing game and do "deep rebranding." Customers themselves can produce games that look and feel completely different, but have the same game mechanics and math. MetaGU describes this as radically different from the shallow rebranding that many game development companies provide via standard re-skinning systems, where players can tell that the game is a copy.

“In today's very competitive market it's difficult to see how operators can survive by having the same content as everyone else. It's a classic case of a 'race to the bottom,'” said Owen Cullum, chief executive officer of Meta Games Universal Ltd. “CargoF will shake up the market."

CargoF is a low-cost solution for operators and platform providers. It provides a friendly graphical user interface where casino and instant-play games can be generated. The designer never cares about computer programming and because the game executables are automatically generated at a guaranteed quality, it streamlines the testing and approvals stages. “We use this tool internally to develop our range of games, which are available for licensing and rebranding” said Tobias Selwood, chief technology officer of Meta Games Universal Ltd.

Using CargoF, operators will be able to differentiate themselves with uniquely branded content and rapidly update their games library in response to changing market conditions. Platform providers will be able to provide their customers with the means to generate and rebrand content and reduce customer churn.

A free trial version of CargoF, along with free-to-play games from the MetaGU games library will be available, starting this week, atwww.metagu.com.