Built to withstand rugged and sometimes punishing commercial or public environments

Elo TouchSystems, a Tyco Electronics business, has brought high-performance LCD panels together with the industry's leading touch technologies to create new wide-aspect touch monitors.

The two new 15-inch and 19-inch touch monitors are well suited for public venues such as point-of-sale (POS), point-of-information (POI), point-of-service, interactive digital signage, loyalty systems, kiosk information systems, light industrial shop-floor automation and home control.

Both touch monitors are built to withstand the rugged and sometimes punishing commercial or public environments where many people use them. Personal computer monitors that have not been “ruggedized” may not last long in these types of environments.

Both touch monitors are available in three Elo touch technologies:

1. Zero-bezel APR ― touch is sensed on the display when the unique pattern of sounds is recognized. It has the advantage and durability of pure glass, works with any input device – finger, glove, pen, credit card, etc. – and is resistant to water, dust, and grease.

2. Standard-bezel IntelliTouch surface acoustic wave ― uses pure-glass touchscreens for excellent clarity, resolution, and light transmission. It has a durable, scratch-resistant glass surface, delivers stable, no-drift calibration performance and can be activated by a finger, gloved hand, or soft stylus.

3. Zero-bezel AccuTouch 5-wire resistive ― delivers stable, drift-free operation. It has broad input flexibility, is contamination resistant and is accurate for high-use applications.

“The wide-screen format of both touch monitors provides more space to display your applications and they can also be used in portrait mode,” said James Witkowski, Elo product manager. “Zero-bezel touch monitors are as practical as they are beautiful. The easy-to-clean screen surface is resistant to water, dust and grease, making it an excellent choice for use in a public environment.”

For more information, visitwww.elotouch.com/products/LCDs.