DiTronics ATM and cash advance services now available on ACI's redemption kiosks

Automated Currency Instruments, Inc. (ACI) and DiTronics Financial Services, Inc. (DFS) recently announced Ditronics ATM and cash advance services are now available on ACI TITO redemption kiosks.

With this ATM and kiosk partnership, casinos of all sizes now have the opportunity to obtain class leading cash access services from Ditronics on ACI's true multifunction, leading-edge design kiosks.

DiTronics Financial Services is a technology company focused on providing cash access services to the gaming industry throughout the United States. DFS’s integrated suite of products include All'N'1 ATMs, cash advance, check cashing, and other cash access services.

Automated Currency Instruments, Inc. is a technology company focused on the casino gaming industry. ACI designs and engineers solutions to casino gaming problems and issues. ACI's cutting edge kiosks and wireless solutions facilitate TITO redemption, cash access, player club enrollment, marketing options and player club redemptions.