Game development package helps create new online and mobile games.

Odobo is a game development kit for the regulated gambling industry

Odobo, the new HTML5 games development program and platform for the regulated online gambling industry, was recently introduced to the gaming industry.

Odobo is accepting applications to its Game Developer Program from game studios and producers. This presents a new opportunity for game developers to capitalize on the high-value players in the online gambling industry via distribution through licensed casino operators worldwide.

According to company literature, the Odobo Game Development Kit (GDK) supports HTML5 game production based upon engines and random number generators that are certified by industry‐accredited third‐party testing facilities. Odobo looks after localization and makes all approved games available in multiple currencies and languages.

Games built within the framework of the Odobo Developer Program are unique in that they rival top‐quality Flash games on the desktop while also supporting the rapid shift towards tablets and smartphones. All approved games are available to casino operators via the Odobo marketplace-a B2B content "app store" for the industry-launching in early 2013.

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