Will help video and lighting professionals understand both the advantages and limitations of the technology

Daktronics Inc. has released its interactive Freeform LED Education Guide covering topics important for professionals allied to the LED field, including architects, consultants, and technology integrators.

The interactive Freeform LED Education Guide defines freeform LED displays and elements, discusses different scenarios such as daytime viewing, contrast, transparency/fill factor, viewing distance, and closes with a technical glossary.

“LED video technology is quickly merging with lighting, which is making for entirely new possibilities for signage,” said Jon Settingsgard, ProPixel product manager at Daktronics. “With this new emergence, video and lighting professionals need to understand both the advantages and limitations of the technology. As the world leader in video displays, Daktronics has stepped up to provide that guidance.”

Jim Vasgaard, reseller sales and marketing manager, said freeform video elements are revolutionizing the industry, and Daktronics is trying to help the industry understand the new technology.

“Our goal is to assist people in the industry, like designers and consultants, in understanding how to see or visualize the uses,” Vasgaard said. “We want them to realize the creative potential and how this product line fits into their designs.”

Daktronics has several installations that incorporate or use freeform LED elements, including Grand Lisboa in Macau, China, and River Spirit Casino, in Tulsa, Okla.

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