Focus on leveraging gaming floor data, improving operational efficiency and enhancing player experience

Iverson Gaming Systems, Inc. announced that it will demonstrate a broad range of new products and technology-based innovations at G2E 2009, running between November 17 – 19, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nev.

Iverson Gaming President Joanne W. Iverson commented, “We are growing our business by focusing on innovations which help gaming management control costs, improve profits and enhance the gaming experience of their customers. This year’s G2E show gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate a broad range of new products and innovations which we will bring to market during 2010.”

Iverson’s Booth 2575 at the 2009 G2E show will feature:

Iverson SLOTMaster SMART
Iverson is introducing its new SLOTMaster Smart system which allows casino to capture customer points data using low-cost, entry-point technology. Iverson SLOTMaster SMART is the easiest application available on the market for the end user and is especially well-suited to smaller casinos, route operators and other gaming situations where a full player tracking and slot accounting system is not indicated. SMART is upgradeable to full SLOTMaster capability, providing a seamless way for casino operations to grow and take advantage of higher functionally when their operation is ready. Iverson is also introducing a new leasing option for this product, making it even easier for casinos to move into player tracking.

Iverson Realtime Floor Viewer
Iverson is demonstrating an enhanced gaming floor mapping capability, which enables flexible, scaled visualization of a rich array of player activity, slots status and other information to help manage the gaming floor more effectively. Anchored on the Iverson SLOTMaster product line, the new capability allows casino management to select and create a range of custom displays of their gaming floor and aids monitoring of critical, realtime gaming floor performance. Iverson’s floor viewer portrays data including slot activity levels and slots being played by club members, jackpot activity over time, table run-down data, and more. In addition, managers can improve modeling and tracking of gaming promotions and specific gaming floor performance during promotions.

Iverson Ticket-Out Manager
Iverson’s new Iverson Ticket-Out Manager allows cage management and cashiers to verify ticket-out coupons being redeemed for cash against a real-time database of ticket-out events captured from the gaming floor. Barcodes can be scanned or ticket numbers entered for verification of the machine, time and amount actually generated by the slot. For both security and audit trail purposes, Iverson Ticket-Out Manager is an important addition to the rich functionality of the Iverson SLOTMaster suite.

Iverson Cage Manager
Iverson Cage Manager provides a complete, robust and customizable solution to automating cage management processes from user permissions to multicurrency handling to audit functions. Built and tested in a real-world casino environments, Iverson Cage Manager will soon be available as part of our standard product offerings. This functionality will make Iverson’s SLOTMaster suite the complete solution for small to medium size casino operations.

Iverson Jackpot Viewer
Iverson is demonstrating an exciting new feature for its Iverson SLOTMaster player tracking and accounting system which provides casino players with a real-time summary of jackpots won, the games involved, and machine location. Iverson Jackpot Viewer data is typically displayed on kiosks and/or large display monitors placed strategically around the gaming floor. Players can choose a time window – most recent period or day increments up to 90 days – to view jackpot activity. Displays utilize touch-sensitive screens to allow player interaction without keyboard or mouse. Jackpot Viewer can be customized to your casino’s existing kiosk and display solutions, including custom coloration, animation, time period selections, including additional information on jackpots unique to your operation. Iverson can also provide consulting on establishing a new kiosk/display capability.

Iverson Table Rating Manager
This new Iverson capability captures data from table player activity and adds this information to the rich base of gaming floor data collected through the Iverson SLOTMaster player tracking and slot accounting system. Adding table player data to the overall system can improve table profitability, allowing casino management to model performance, table positioning and other factors in floor performance. The system also integrates with more advanced table information and data collection strategies such as PDAs or hand-held devices.

“Our new product innovations being introduced here at G2E 2009 strengthen our SLOTMaster suite of player tracking and slot accounting products, and complement Iverson EFT/Coinless, Iverson Random Winner, Iverson SMGraphics and our Executive Dashboard offerings,” Iverson noted.

“As important as our gaming management innovations are, we pride ourselves on our focus of serving our customers and delivering flexible, cost-effective technology solutions to help them mange their gaming operations better. Our support after the sale is where we deliver real value and build long-term customer loyalty,” she concluded.

Iverson is among the fastest growing providers of innovative and cost effective gaming management solutions to the gaming industry. Iverson energies are directed at developing, delivering and supporting efficient technology solutions. Its premier product, the SLOTMaster Slot and Player Tracking system, now includes EFT functionality, a large touch screen display for graphical player interface, an interface to the Fidelio Property Management System, and a casino accounting system which integrates and harmonizes legacy accounting systems. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the company operates globally and is dedicated to serving worldwide clients.

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