IntuiCode Gaming Corporation's cutting edge IGM Platform is designed to support traditional legacy gaming floors as well as next generation host technologies including server based gaming, G2S and Ethernet connectivity. Utilizing the latest PC gaming technologies in multi-core processing and leveraging plug-and-play components to extend video, memory, and communication, the IGM platform delivers the most graphically intensive game designs and features available today.

Diverse cabinet designs with one quick-connect logic box assembly creates greater serviceability, reliability, and flexibility. A quick pick multi-game interface provides user friendly and rapid game time decisions for players ensuring more time is spent playing and less time waiting for games to load. The IGM platform supports multi-player and single-player environments with the same reliable core technology enabling slot managers and floor technicians to leverage their knowledge across our multiple product lines.

The flexibility, reliability, and processing power provided by IntuiCode’s line of gaming products places you in control of increasing your profitability and customer satisfaction.