Casino chip maker now offers high quality secure plaques

Dolphin Products, a quality manufacturer of high security casino chips, now manufactures high quality secure plaques.

Dolphin has brought plaque making into the 21st century with its range of Dolphin Plaques. Using modern, efficient modern manufacturing techniques and the latest materials available, Dolphin is able to produce a plaque of superior strength and quality. And even better, as we use a process of printing graphics to polymer there is no limit to colors or designs that you can have on your plaque, with vibrant hues across the entire spectrum for a traditional design or even a full photographic finish.

Dolphin’s unique security features include:

• Patented RFID inlay which is tamper proof and identifies each plaque

• Dolphin DNA, a currency grade ceramic DNA strand embedded in the plastic

• Multi directional hologram

• Serialisation

Plaques are available in rectangular, square and oval shapes in a range of dimensions, and can be customized to a customer’s requirements. So choose the shape, discuss your artwork requirements, color preferences and logos and Dolphin will design for you a unique, beautiful looking, high security plaque at a very attractive price.

Dolphin chips and plaques are used in many world class casinos. The company’s commitment to the continuing development of chip security sees Dolphin as the preferred chip of choice for many operators.

Any inquiries for Dolphin chips and plaques can be made to Bryan Jenkins, Director of Business Development, Gaming, +61 414 355 255, or