Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati installs 2,000 slot bases and 19,000 high-security gaming locks from VSR Industries.

Universal mounting system makes slot bases easy to install

VSR Industries played a critical role on the slot floor for the recent opening of the new Horseshoe Casino Cincinnati. HCC contracted VSR to produce and install the 2,000 Ecco slot basesand high-security gaming locks for the variety of slot machines on the new property. Few things are more important to casino operations than security and player experience, and therein lie VSR’s key responsibilities.

Ecco slot bases are unique in the world of metal slot bases because of their universal mounting system, which allows casino floors to quickly and easily mount a wide variety of games without any other special hardware. This makes the addition of new games or rearrangement of slot floors extremely easy and efficient. Ecco also derives its name from the material and cost savings inherent in this efficient new design.

VSR works hand in hand with casino operations and security to establish proprietary lock codes to ensure the highest level of security on the gaming floor. Every step of the lock manufacturing and coding process is strictly monitored at the VSR manufacturing facility in Henderson, Nev.

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