NITRO has an entirely new style and functional features which distinguish it from existing offerings

Elite Casino Products has unveiled the energizing new NITRO Slot Cabinet, with the official product launch taking place at the 2010 Global Gaming Expo in Las Vegas. NITRO has an entirely new aesthetic style, slim profile and functional features which distinguish the new product from existing offerings. The company will launch the NITRO Slot Cabinet on November 16, 2010.

“The NITRO is a complete departure from our existing product line,” comments Managing Director, Scott Irving. “This new product has outstanding interactive lighting, sound, and styling features that bring players into the game to enjoy a more engaging experience.”

Elite Casino Products’ new NITRO slot cabinet features dual 22-inch widescreen LCDs with optimal viewing angles and excellent graphic quality. Players are submerged in a unique gaming experience with NITRO’s energizing sound system and vibrant edgelighting that can be programmed to coordinate with game themes. Cabinet features can be customized to client specifications.

In addition to attractive styling and functionality, Elite Casino Products’ NITRO slot cabinet was designed with ergonomic comfort in mind. “ECP takes an indepth look into the ergonomic design of our new products to ensure player comfort and to maximize time on device,” comments Irving. “With the knowledge and information gained directly from the slot players, combined with our expertise in design engineering, ECP develops the products that please both players and game manufacturers.”

Elite Casino Products is pleased to introduce the NITRO Slot Cabinet at the upcoming Global Gaming Expo. The Company’s slot cabinets and bases are the perfect complement to any slot game. Visit ECP at the Global Gaming Expo, Booth 2684, or online