PowerCheck Guard Tour Systems will help companies optimize and improve physical security operations

Oxford, Conn.,-based Morse Watchmans has developed a new tool to help companies optimize and improve physical security operations.

PowerCheck Guard Tour Systems is an affordable management tool that has been designed with the functionality and ease of use needed to meet the demands of a comprehensive security operation, according to Morse Watchmans. The solution, with its multiple tour capabilities, integrated functions and reporting options also can help limit an organization’s exposure to liability issues as well as provide measurements for accountability.

“The organization, management and guard activities can be more efficiently achieved through the PowerCheck Guard Tour System, which is designed to computerize the reporting procedures and offer ease of use for security officers,” said Fernando Pires, vice president of sales and marketing, Morse Watchmans. “The system ensures that tasks are being completed.”

The computerized PowerCheck Guard Tour System is comprised of a hand-held data recorder, checkpoint stations, and reporting software. The hand-held data recorder allows security personnel to input incident codes on site, using the built-in keypad and display. The Tour-Pro Data Sorting Software is a Windows application that converts the data recorder information into custom reports and was developed specifically for the Morse Watchmans PowerCheck Guard Tour System. For added value and convenience, the software enables programming of the data recorder and file management.

For more details, visitwww.morsewatchmans.com.