Server-based advertising platform delivers real-time call-to-action to patrons on the casino floor

Las Vegas-based Reel-TV, a technology/advertising company that serves the gaming industry, has launched its server-based advertising platform that delivers a real-time call-to-action to patrons on the casino floor at the Palms Casino Resort.

Reel-TV is the result of decades of research and product development in the area of electronic gaming devices and their relationship to consumer behavior.

Through Reel-TV patented technology, high-resolution video can be methodically scheduled, delivered, and reported in real time to slot machines on the casino floor. The slot machine’s normal interface is interrupted and replaced with an advertiser’s message. After a machine is idle for 60 seconds, an advertiser’s message will display for 15 seconds followed by 30 seconds of game display then continuing to a 15 second commercial. Once a guest begins to interact with the machine, video will cease and the user will be able to experience uninterrupted play.

“Reel-TV truly transforms the casino floor into a versatile advertising medium,” said Keith Atkinson, longtime technology developer and Reel-TV principal. “With this technology, we have created a way to make idle slot machines an added visual attraction for companies.”

The Palms Casino Resort, heralded as one of Las Vegas' hippest resorts, is an all-encompassing, one-stop destination, and the bustling casino floor offers advertisers a unique opportunity, according to Reel-TV.

Reel-TV’s debut across the 95,000 square-foot casino floor is a rare chance for direct messaging to a coveted demographic that gravitate to the diverse mix of clubs, bars and restaurants at The Palms.

“It is not surprising that the Palms, the ultimate trendsetter, will be the first casino to showcase their in-house amenities across the entire casino floor using our innovative, patented technology,” said Eric Kovac, Reel-TV vice president of sales. “Unlike most mediums, Reel-TV allows the advertising message to be replaced almost instantly and creating a versatility never before seen in a casino,” he added. “Most casino messaging is static, such as duratrans, slot toppers and other signage. Now, advertisers can promote a specific message at a specific time through the use of video.”

Through the Reel-TV platform, an advertiser’s message can play between hundreds of thousands of times per month and can deliver millions of impressions, making Reel-TV a cost-effective advertising medium with measurable results.

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