LED offers lower energy consumption, a long life span and a much thinner profile

LightBoxes.us.com, a DisplayShops specialty Web site, is offering Energy Efficient LED light boxes in a variety of ultra-thin sizes. Featuring LED lights that last more than 100,000 hours, these poster displays boast a 40 percent energy savings when compared to traditional bulb light boxes.

“Unlike standard light boxes that use fluorescent bulbs, these models employ LED (light-emitting diode) technology,” explained Sandra Reno, webmaster for LightBoxes.us.com. “These light boxes illuminate your graphics with LED’s running along the inside edges of the frame. The CNC-engraved acrylic light panel provides smooth, even illumination across the surface, even on large-format graphics.”

Major advantages to using LED light boxes over fluorescent bulb types include lower energy consumption (34 Watts), a longer life span (11 years when used 24 hours/day, seven days/week), as well as a much thinner profile (.83-inch thick).

“Because of their long life spans, LED light boxes are being installed as permanent advertising display fixtures in airports, transportation stations, shopping malls and business lobbies,” Reno stated.

LightBoxes.us.comis a leading supplier of energy-efficient, long-lasting LED light boxes for retail and commercial use. Visit the site for more information as well as a complete overview of the pros and cons associated with the LED light boxes and other illumination products.