Dallmeier Electronic'sIPS 2400is a VideoIP appliance with an integrated storage system.

Dallmeier's new security storage system feature compact design, high performance

TheIPS 2400from Dallmeier Electronic is a high-performance VideoIP appliance with an integrated storage system. In conjunction with the dedicated and preloaded software SMAVIA Recording Server it is optimally suited for all applications which require a high recording speed, enhanced storage capacity and low power consumption while providing maximum security.

The IPS 2400 is server hardware with Multi-Core CPU, suitable for up to 24 IP video channels (SD-IP, HD-IP, megapixel). The integrated storage system allows for a high storage capacity. A sophisticated hardware concept and perfectly coordinated components allow for a high recording speed. Due to the “EasyChange” functionality hard disk drives can easily and conveniently be changed from the front side of the device in case of an HDD failure (hot-swap in connection with RAID 5/6).  

The preloaded SMAVIA Recording Server Software supports standard resolutions as well as Full-HD (up to 1080p) and up to 8 megapixels. RTSP and ONVIF compliant cameras can be configured and recorded with SMAVIA.  

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