TheAdvantec75advanced currency counter is built to standards usually reserved for aircraft components.

New currency counter is a versatile machine with cutting edge features

Cassida USA, a maker of money-handling equipment, including paper and coin currency counters, sorters, and counterfeit detectors, has unveiled theAdvantec75advanced currency counter. Built to standards usually reserved for aircraft components and tested in ultra-demanding environments, it combines speed, versatility, and cutting-edge features into one heavy-duty machine.  

One of those cutting-edge features is an advanced user interface. In an industry first, the Advantec 75 displays not only the cause, but also the remedy for detection alerts, providing easy-to-follow instructions on its large liquid crystal display. An intuitive keypad coupled with the easy-to-read display provides comprehensive information and makes operating the Advantec75 easy. User preferences such as screen brightness can be easily adjusted and keypad sounds can be switched off.  

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