Mobile product helps operators better track and market consumers.

Marketers can create messages that influence the behavior of patrons and consumers

Parallel 6, a creative enterprise mobile technology company, has released its proprietaryCaptive Reach Enterprise Mobile Technology Platformversion 10.1.0 for the casino and gaming industry. Through this unique mobile technology platform, casinos and other gaming entities such as sportsbooks, thoroughbred racing and poker rooms, have the tools to better understand their patrons and more effectively build strong, revenue increasing client-customer relationships.

Captive Reach mobile technology works to connect gaming businesses and their patrons through branded or integrated mobile apps across a variety of currencies and languages. Its modules such as mcommerce, pocket insights, gamification and loyalty, image recognition and augmented reality are designed to create bi-directional connectivity, thus engaging the consumer and increasing immediate purchases while keeping them on-site longer.

For example, Captive Reach’s pocket insights give gaming businesses access to powerful information such as knowing when their consumers are on‐site, near site, at a partner’s location, at a sponsor’s, or even at a competitor’s location. This information helps marketers create messages that influence the behavior of patrons and consumers, attracting them to the facility and then keeping them engaged longer. Gaming entities can also leverage their international audience with Captive Reach’s multi‐site, multi‐language capabilities, allowing the brand to transact in a variety of currencies and languages around the globe.

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