Affordable, easy-to-use module offers real-time customer comment and sentiment analytics.

Graphic dashboard layout helps spot trends, create action steps

UniFocus’GUESTScope, a premiere survey solution that drives guests’ intent to recommend and return, now features text and sentiment analytics.

According to company literature, sophisticated text and comment analytics tools have been costly, and difficult to use. The new GUESTScope Comment Analysis module integrates seamlessly within the reporting dashboard, and like all of our reporting, is intuitive and easy to understand.

The graphic “At a Glance” dashboard layout makes it simple for the users to identify positive and negative mentions in the form of phrases, themes and entities, and to view overall sentiment scores by question group and department. Trending over time with a direct link to the guest intent to recommend scores makes big data all the more actionable and compelling. Hotel and corporate users can become experts in understanding the information and to glean clear insights that were previously unavailable or very costly and labor intensive to derive.

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