Technology company creates application allowing consumers to sell ad space on their own devices.

New app turns phone lock screen into mobile advertisements

SmartAds, a Las Vegas-based technology company, has launched an exclusivesmartphone appcalled ‘SmartAds.’ This breakthrough mobile application offers smartphone users the opportunity to be compensated by allowing highly targeted advertisements, based on their interests and location, to be displayed on the phones lock-screen.  

This technology offers an easy way for smartphone users to reduce the cost of their phone bills by downloading the application at no charge and receiving monthly payments for using their mobile screens as virtual billboards.

The company projects to launch mid-March 2013 starting with an Android app.

The SmartAds application will be available to users free of charge and will not drain the battery life or use additional data on your mobile phone. The user can earn up to $25 a month per device – subscribe your smartphone and tablet to earn up to $50 a month.

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