Improved iV8 validator from JCM offers quicker processing for high-volume environments.

Table game bill processing product can handle large buy-ins

The JCM Global iV8 table game bill validatorhas been upgraded to provide instant validation at eight banknotes per second. Developed specifically for high-volume table games, the iV8’s overall design has been modified and compacted to be sleeker and more streamlined, as well as easier to use by both customers and operators to increase play time on tables.

With iV8, buy-ins are inserted directly into an adjoining tray where every bill is validated and counted with the total value displayed for all to see. Rejected or suspected banknotes are moved into a separate tray during tabulation, with the reject tray having a maximum capacity of 50 bills. The tray for validated banknotes holds 200, so it can process large buy-ins.

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