Facade products feature design-forward, sleek claddings made of glass, ceramics, wood and metallics.

New universal barrier wall system emphasizes design and functionality

Kingspan Insulated Panels North America has debuted its new, cutting-edge product line calledBenchmark Facades.

The new product merges the convenience and efficiency of a universal barrier wall (UBW) system with design-forward, sleek claddings made of glass, ceramics, wood and metallics including aluminum composite material (ACM).

The full facade system solution reinforces the company’s continued focus on architects and innovative applications of their comprehensive, EnvelopeFirst architectural enclosure lines. The entire wall assembly-including rail substructure, insulated panels and cladding-merges form and function in a novel, system approach.

According to company literature, the beauty of the Benchmark Facades system lies in its design and functionality. Building on Kingspan’s KarrierPanel technology incorporating a rail and panel combination, the Benchmark Facades line then takes the system a step further by adding an architectural wall facade tailored to design and specification needs.

With designers and owners demanding more from their buildings and better performance from enclosures, Benchmark Façades provides the technology and the aesthetics-all with a complete, research-comprehensive envelope solution. The building enclosure system is ideal for green buildings, energy-efficient facilities, and multi-functional spaces, bringing a balance of aesthetics, performance-based insulation and air barriers, and other necessary requirements for new construction.

For more information, visitwww.kingspanels.us.