Dallmeier creates new products to help with recoding system storage.

New application allows for easy conversion of camera images to a video file

PStreamConvertis an easy to use application that enables the convenient and fast conversion of any backup made by Dallmeier recording systems into a generally supported standard video format.

PStreamConvert supports the conversion of backups from all Dallmeier recording systems (DMS, DLS, VNB, DMX as of generation four as well as DIS-2/M) and SMAVIA Appliances. Converted videos are output in an AVI container format with MPEG-4 coding, which is supported by virtually every player software. Within the container the quality of the converted videos (frame rate, bit rate, resolution) can be customised to meet individual needs and there is an option to define either the PAL or NTSC video standard.

All sorts of backups can be combined during the conversion process to produce a single video file. PStreamConvert enables the assembly of a video that allows for a goal-oriented evaluation of the different perspectives of a relevant event. Displayed information (camera name, time) is transferred from the original videos / backups and reinserted into the converted video (hardcoded). Thus, a preservation of the full information content is guaranteed even for later points in time and without reference to Dallmeier systems.

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