Spaulding's leading outdoor LED line comes with more light output.

Popular outdoor LED light solution now available with increased lumens

Spaulding Lighting’s most popular area site lighting fixture, the Cimarron LEDarea site light, has increased lumen output by 15‐30 percent. The LED enhancements result in a highly efficient luminaire that delivers up to 98 lumens per watt and allows for multiple LED configurations with over 26,000 lumens. This advancement in LED performance and lumen efficiencies are made available in the Cimarron LED Series area site lighting family at no additional cost.

The Cimarron LED Series was designed with the most advanced LED lighting technology to deliver energy efficiency, safety and security and meet DLC and Lighting Facts requirements. It is available in configurations of Type II, III, IV and V distributions in 36 high brightness LED configurations for a perfect balance of design, form, function and efficiency.

The Cimarron LED features a solid die‐cast housing assembly with a sleek architectural profile that is not affected by the upgraded LED technology. The energy efficient fixture will perform virtually maintenance‐free and is designed to IP65, UL1598 and 60,000 hours life. Further options of this versatile area fixture include backlight control resulting in up to 85 percent reduction in spill light behind the pole, a vandal shield for additional protection, bi‐level or continuous dimming and the latest in wiHUBB wireless controls. For versatility, the upgraded Cimarron LED uses the same #2 drill pattern so it can be easily retrofitted to existing Cimarron installations. It can also be mounted to poles or arms with the optional mast arm fitter.

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