Locks come in a wide range of configurations to satisfy most cabinet designs

Illinois Lock Company carries a wide selection of in-stockcam locksfor a multitude of applications. These stock items offer a full range of options, including various cams, rotations, key pulls and finishes. Locks are engineered for installation in wood, fiberglass, steel and plastic applications, and feature the choice of either straight or formed cams and can be configured for one or two key pulls.

Locks are furnished with a straight cam mounted in the 12:00 position and cam rotation of either 90 or 180 degrees, clockwise or counterclockwise. Locks offer a selection of two cams, two stop plates, cam screw, mounting nut, trim washer, spur washer, and spline fillers to convert the lock to a one key pull style.

Illinois Lock Company is a leading producer of cam locks, custom-engineered keyless locks, electric switch locks, high-security locks, weather-resistant locks, special purpose lock designs, wire harness lock assemblies, and ball bearing slides.

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