DIRECTV satellite TV programming for casinos and hotels offers NFL packages and more.

Just in time for football season, AAA Satellite offers DIRECTV and its NFL Ticket package

AAA Satellite provides DIRECTV satellite TV programming for casinos and hotels. Deliver the best in sports programming for casino floors, bars and restaurants on the property. The NFL season is upon us and DIRECTV’s NFL Ticket is the premier TV sports programming package for the NFL.  

Experience every out-of-market game every Sunday LIVE in breathtaking HD. See every bead of sweat. Feel every bone-crunching hit; like you’re right there on the gridiron.  

Eight games at the same time-The Game Mix channel (Ch. 702) lets you enjoy up to eight games at the same time, live on your TV, complete with scores and game clock.  

Player tracker-Follow team and individual stats throughout the day. You even get live "Big Play" alerts every time your player or team makes a game-changing play.  

Real-time scores and stats-See real-time division-by-division standings, team stats and more.  

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