TheLMC‐30is a new version of the popular LMC30LU LED that delivers over 2700 lumens.

New LED outdoor light offers safety, illumination and design

TheLMC‐30is a powerful new addition to Hubbell Outdoor Lighting’s popular Laredo Southwest Series and delivers another IDA compliant wall sconce solution for mounting heights of 15 to 18 feet. The LMC‐30 is a new 350 ma version of the popular LMC30LU LED and delivers over 2700 lumens. It is available in 4000K or 5000K with your choice of Type III or Type IV distributions providing excellent uniformity, five to one spacing, and a 50,000 plus hour rated life with a minimum 70 percent lumen maintenance.

Designed for perimeter illumination for safety, security and identity, the LMC 30 LED Laredo can be powder paint finished to either blend or contrast with your building façade and delivers an ideal optical solution for wider spacing or forward throw capability with energy saving photo control options for new construction or retrofit applications.

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