Hubbell Lighting has unvieledLaredo LNC Compact LED Wallpack, an outdoor lighting application.

Laredo LED Wallpack offering is expanded with addition of two powerful lumen options

Hubbell Lighting has expanded its Laredo Southwest Series with the recently launchedLaredo LNC Compact LED Wallpack. Designed for perimeter illumination, the Laredo LNC Architectural LED Wallpack is now available in three versatile packages of 850, 1147 and 1460 lumens.

Originally introduced with a 12.6-watt Type III distribution that features five LEDs that deliver 820 lumens, this compact LED Wallpack is now available in both a 16.4-watt and 20.6-watt versions. The Laredo LNC 7L produces1147 lumens at only 16 watts and the Laredo LNC 9L produces higher performance at 1460 lumens while consuming only 20 watts of energy. Both new lumen packages are available with a 5000K/70 CRI Type III and Type IV distribution to provide a wide lateral spread.

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