Grand Casino Bern has installed arange of signsfrom Gaming Support.

Grand casino Bern opts for an array of cutting-edge signs from Gaming Support

Grand Casino Bern, one of Switzerland’s largest casinos, has chosen to install arange of signsby Gaming Support, a designer and manufacturer of innovative products and technology solutions for the global gaming industry.

Under the terms of the agreement, Gaming Support will deliver specially designed signs to help Grand Casino Bern create a refreshingly attractive environment for its customers. With 14 live tables and 350 cashless gaming machines, this A-license casino offers six enticing jackpots; including the Swiss Jackpot, Europe’s largest tax-free casino jackpot.

“Gaming Support signs offered the best combination of innovation, speed and quality to meet our needs,” said Gerhard Stiegler, technical director of Grand Casino Bern. “The designs by Gaming Support exceeded our expectations as unique signs to help refresh the look and feel of our casino floor. We will use these signs to help communicate with our customers a variety of the jackpots we offer throughout our property, including the Swiss Jackpot, our Teatro Jackpot and our Auto Jackpot.”

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