OpenWays’Crypto Acoustic Credentialenables hotel guests to unlock their rooms via mobile phone.

New technology turns a mobile phone into a key for hotel room entry

There are no keycards greener than the OpenWays’ Crypto Acoustic Credential, or Mobile Key, that enables hotel guests to unlock their rooms via mobile phone.

Because traditional plastic or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) keycards are extremely ecologically unfriendly, companies have developed ways to replace PVC with wood, corn plastic and paperboard materials. While these are definitely improvements, they come with their own set of issues. The “greenest” way on the planet to access a guestroom is with Mobile Key by OpenWays because it is made only of data.

OpenWays is the hospitality industry's first front-desk bypass solution that delivers a new option for sustainability by dematerializing keys and cards and replacing them with an acoustic credential that is sent over the air to any of the 6 billion mobile phones in the world.

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