Uses unique LCD screen superimposed over the mechanical reels beneath

Introducing Transparent Reels, the revolutionary new slot technology that will change the way slot players look at reel slots - literally.

The key to Transparent Reels is its unique LCD screen that is superimposed over the mechanical reels beneath. During normal game play, the reels spin exactly like a traditional stepper, with the Transparent Reels effect becoming virtually invisible. But whenever a win or bonus event occurs, this amazing LCD screen comes to life with dynamic animations, captivating effects, and unexpected surprises - all appearing to magically "float" in front of the reels. In addition, this superimposed LCD video is touch-enabled, allowing players to actively interface with the game.

Transparent Reels is being launched with three debut games on the ALPHA Elite S9E stepper platform: Dragon Dynasty, Sky Spirits and Twin Tigers. These games are all configured with five reels, 30 lines and a 600-credit max bet. The games also feature a two-level internal/external progressive.

In the base game, as the mechanical reels spin, the corresponding winning combinations dynamically animate across the LCD display in front of the reels. When the bonus game is triggered with specific symbols appearing on reels two, three and four, the player is asked to pick one of the symbols, e.g. Water Dragon or Fire Dragon, White Tiger or Red Tiger, etc. Each of these has seven reel symbols associated with it. The reels spin three times and each time a symbol corresponding to the player’s selected symbol appears, the player is awarded 1X their total bet. If their selected symbol gets more total symbols after the three bonus spins, the player also receives an additional 40X their total bet.

At the conclusion of the bonus round, the winning Dragon, Sky Spirit or Tiger (depending on the specific game theme) animates across the reels in a dramatic fashion to indicate the win. After the bonus round concludes, the game returns to its standard play, with the reels becoming fully illuminated and thus returning to the visual foreground.

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