Ohio tracks now allowed to houseAXCESS platformproducts from ACS.

Ohio okays ACS's AXCESS products for VLT use at state track

ACS has received VLT approval for itsAXCESS platformfrom the Ohio Lottery Commission. With this approval announcement, ACS will be installing 35 of its newest and most popular AXCESS games into Scioto Downs, located in Columbus, Ohio later this week.

This approval will bring the total install base for ACS in Ohio to 69 games which includes the units already installed at Hollywood Casino-Toledo earlier this year and the units that will be installed at Hollywood Casino-Columbus for their opening this fall.

Product features of the AXCESS Series include its five distinct cabinets; a powerful Windows-based engine that does not rely on a server; a robust, content-driven platform that speaks 27 different languages and allows for instant zone modification; a variable reel timing mechanism for easy game configuration and progressive capabilities.

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