Spinning waste receptacle from N.S. Industrial & Design saves space, time and bag liner material

N.S. Industrial & Design of Minneapolis announced a new product line of waste receptacles, tailored for the QSR, convenience store, mall, hospitality and institutional markets. With a new look and function the Revolution 360 Waste Receptacle makes for effortless trash removal. With a more efficient unit footprint, it uses 20 percent less space than traditional receptacles. Because of the 360 degree spinning feature, it uses 40 percent less space when replacing the bag liner.  

Ergonomically designed by eliminating the task of lifting the trash bag up and out of a rigid liner, the Revolution 360 improves productivity and efficiency. By reducing trash liner overlap and eliminating knotting requirements, the Revolution 360 can save up to 30 percent in bag liner material when compared to traditional waste receptacles. For additional information and to watch a short video of the Revolution 360 Waste Receptacle visit: www.nsindustrialdesign.com/video.asp  

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