Vehicle display platform draws attention to casino car promotions

An innovative automotive display ramp system originally manufactured for car dealers is starting to get some attention and good reviews among casino operators who give away cars as prizes.

"We have a few casinos utilizing our system in very different ways, which speaks to the versatility of our product,” said RAMPBOSS President Todd Stoney.  

RAMPBOSS displays were designed to replace aging angle-iron ramps that many casinos use, but have to surround the vehicles by slot machines or plants, to disguise their erector set appearance, and diminishes the visual potential for the prize.

All RAMPBOSS displays are entirely hand operated and capable of positioning vehicles up to 13,000 lbs. V2 and V3 models come with an exclusive lifetime rust-proof guarantee, painted gunmetal gray and retain the polished diamond plate facades of their smallest siblings, for an eye-catching two-tone look.

RAMPBOSS-USA has garnered worldwide exposure several times. General Motors purchased two V1’s for use at Super Bowl XL in Detroit, then Super Bowl XLI in Miami at a Sports Illustrated party sponsored by Cadillac. A standard V1 display was chosen for use at two NASCAR events to unveil Dale Jr's new paint scheme, one inside the atrium of the National Corvette Museum, and two inside the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame, and with Lexus on stage at Detroit Opera House and Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art.

Teodore Minea, Facilities Manager at Edgewater Casino in Vancouver, BC said, "For the effort of twisting a pair of turnbuckles to operate the system, nothing on the market offers this much presentation value". "We regularly give away high-line vehicles during our promotions, and the aesthetics of the RAMPBOSS becomes the focal point no matter where we use it."