Will be showcasing its hybrid gaming products at G2E Asia including the TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette

TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette

At this year’s G2E Asia, June 2-4 in Macau, TCSJOHNHUXLEY will be featuring an extensive range of the most exciting touch screen hybrid gaming products including the revolutionary TouchTable MultiPLAY Roulette, AccuPLAY Baccarat and Novo Touch Bet featuring Unity 2 platform.  

These games have enjoyed success over the past 12 months with installations worldwide.   TCSJOHNHUXLEY has worked closely with operators to develop a range of touch screen multiplayer table games that uphold the true essence of live gaming. All products feature hybrid electronic gaming platforms and live game content, allowing players to compete against a live Roulette wheel, dice shaker or card shoe whilst striking the perfect balance between the thrill of live gaming and the advantages of electronic betting.  

 TCSJOHNHUXLEY are renowned for product innovations, but these are not just confined to high tech electronic items. This past year has seen Asian operations in Macau and Singapore working extensively with casinos to develop in-house solutions to both gaming and non-gaming related peripherals including gaming floor accessories and custom made signage to name but a few. All these items are manufactured locally to the highest quality standards, synonymous with all TCSJOHNHUXLEY products. As a result, large quantities have been ordered by casino groups across Asia.  

 A selection of these products will be showcased at G2E Asia on Booth 832, along with the legendary TCSJOHNHUXLEY hospitality.