Destroys computer hard drives, optical media, and other electronic devices from Security Engineered Machinery

Fast, safe, and easy to use, the new Jackhammer Hard Drive Shredder from Security Engineered Machinery (SEM) of Massachusetts destroys computer hard drives, optical media, and other electronic devices (cell phones, BlackBerrys, memory sticks, etc.). Specially designed sawtooth, hooked cutters reduce them to 1½-inch shreds.

With its 5HP motor and high-torque mechanism, the Jackhammer can chew up more than 20 hard drives per minute with virtually no noise or vibration. Considering its impressive power, the unit is compact - only 54” x 50” x 89” including its convenient discharge conveyor that deposits waste into a dumpster or other container. Mounted on casters, it can be moved easily.

Ideal for e-scrap recyclers, data centers, hospitals, and other facilities that need to destroy large quantities of confidential/sensitive information in accordance with various government regulations and industry standards (HIPAA, FACTA, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.), the Jackhammer also satisfies National Security Agency requirements for physical destruction of drives after they have been degaussed by an NSA-listed degausser.

A key is required to start the unit, so only authorized personnel can use it. For safety, an emergency stop button halts operation. The feeder-chute opening is 10¾” x 2½”. A 208/230/460V outlet is required.