Now installed in dozens of casinos across the country from IGT

Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade REELdepth Slots are now installed in dozens of casinos across the country, giving players even more opportunities to play the hottest game on casino floors today. Players can visit to find the nearest Indy 3-D game. This REELdepth theme uses the one and only Multi-Layer Display (MLD) technology, creating a 3-D gaming experience.  

"Players are going crazy for this game," said Ed Rogich, IGT vice president marketing.  "It features classic movie clips, that renowned Indiana Jones theme music we all love and a rewarding wheel bonus. And best of all, it's in 3-D. There's really nothing like this out there."     

The Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade REELdepth theme, designed and manufactured by IGT, features theme music in enhanced stereo sound and more than 88 original film clips that play throughout the game. Game play also features 5 reels, 40 paylines and hot new MLD technology. Exclusively from IGT, REELdepth slots use Multi-Layer Display technology, an ingenious layering of two or more Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) that creates the visual effect of true depth without the use of 3-D glasses.  

The Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade REELdepth Slot also features a top-box bonus with a 20-stop wheel. Vivid, 3-D animation celebration sequences happen with a winning symbol combination, flames surround the reels when the trigger symbols hit and movie clips play when the bonus is complete. This game takes players on a virtual 3-D ride filled with planes, snakes and Indy himself. Plus, there's nothing like the experience of Indy in REELdepth. This game also provides a chance at a life-changing MegaJackpot - something only IGT MegaJackpot games can offer.