Reel Winners

Bally has released two new slots including one for the Class III market that the company is touting as an entirely new concept in progressive slots. Power Strike is the first gaming product developed to incorporate the cost of promotional items into the game math itself. The game thereby eliminates guesswork for gaming operators to merchandise expensive items such as cars, boats or vacations. Power Strike’s trio of games – Royal 7s, Golden Crown and Golden 8s – uses the Quick Hit math model and features four linkable progressives, accounting the top merchandise award into the equation. The merchandise value can be set from 15,000 times the total bet up to 50,000 times. Multiple denomination and configurations allow the Power Strike games to be used with any merchandise of substantial value. The Power Strike games feature multi-denomination capability ranging from one cent up to one dollar and progressives can be stand-alone or linked.

For the Class II market, Reel Winners is a five-reel, 20-line stepper slot with a configurable 150- or 300-credit max bet.

Available denominations range from one cent up to $25. Reel Winners features a roulette-style bonus wheel that towers above the floor. Players bet in 30-credit increments, with a portion of each bet qualifying the player for either the regular Reel Game or the Instant Spin game. Higher bets either increase the total line win amounts on the Reel Game or achieve higher win amounts on the Instant Spin game.

Players are in for a surprise when they hit the “Spin” button because they won’t know which game will be activated unlike traditional games where players must line up a specific sequence of reel symbols to enter the bonus round. If the Instant Spin game occurs, the 20-inch display mounted above the reels comes to life, prompting the player to look up to the bonus wheel. The ball-shaped pointer will spin around the roulette-style wheel, landing on a bonus award ranging from 100 to 50,000 credits.

Reel Winners also offers a single level internal/external progressive that resets at 100,000 credits times the line bet. Hitting five adjacent Reel Winners symbols on any pay line with max bet triggers this lucrative progressive jackpot.