A new approach to Roulette neighbor-betting from TCSJOHNHUXLEY

TCSJOHNHUXLEY continues to satisfy operator needs for proprietary gaming with the introduction of NX2, the latest licensed Roulette table game that offers both players and operators the best in cutting-edge table innovation.  

NX2 (pronounced “Nex-Two”) is a new approach to Roulette neighbor betting. Unlike a standard neighbor bet, NX2 uses a specially designed layout allowing one chip to cover three numbers that are next to each other on the wheel, with odds of 11-1.  

NX2 offers players an easy and much more interactive method of placing bets. Using colour or cash chips, as in the traditional method of Roulette betting, NX2 takes customers and staff only moments to learn. One chip bet covers three numbers, delivering a whole new approach to live Roulette without affecting the probability of winning, or losing out to exaggerated House Edge percentages. Instead of placing bets via the dealer, players are able to place lower stake neighbour bets at their own convenience. With one chip neighbour bets proving more appealing than the traditional five chip bet, players and dealers have welcomed TCSJOHNHUXLEY’s latest table game with enthusiasm.  

With its faster game play and increased spins per hour, NX2 is ideal for operators seeking to maximize player activity. Requiring less inspection time than traditional Roulette layouts, dealers’ concentration can be kept solely on the table in front of them and the players in question, ensuring increased security and hospitality satisfaction.

Created by casino operators, NX2 is designed to reduce operator inspection staffing costs by delivering fewer disputes - as players are responsible for placing their own bets, called bets are no longer necessary, thus completely eliminating ambiguous calls. With no called bets during the spin, the dealer does not have to turn into the float as often (to get value chips for neighbour bets etc). This concentrates them on game play at all times, ensuring that security risks are reduced to a minimum and that late bets are not placed on a winning number after the ball has dropped.  

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has recently installed NX2 at London’s Paddington Casino on their two busiest Roulette tables. Gary Andrews, Casio Director comments, “In their first two months these tables had an above average hold with dramatically increased spin rates, something, I believe, will continue. Players are attracted to NX2 as a faster game - they are able to place their own neighbour bets for lower stakes and can easily bet on sections of the wheel. I believe that NX2 Roulette will replace the old race track based layouts and become the first choice on Roulette tables across the world.”  

NX2 is available worldwide with single zero and double zero layout configurations that fit any standard table designs. For further details visit www.tcsjohnhuxley.com/nx2.

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